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Our mates wanted mitts, so we made some mitts!
*these are mens mitts- but just like business shirts, they look great on chicks too!

The Shred It is a fingered mitt for those who wanna hit backcountry booters all day and their favourite urban spots all night.

You might think it looks like denim, but it ain't no denim son!

Vital stats:
>100% goatskin leather palm & thumb. Its tougher, so it'll put up with your shenanigans better.

>100% nylon backhand

>10K/10K waterproof/ breathable membrane.

>Low profile, neoprene cuff = comfort. Also means your jacket sleeves fit it over way easier

The Shred-It also has inner wrist strap doo-wacky things (actual technical term used there), so you don't ever have to worry about dropping them off the chair

We ship anywhere in the world!

RRP $69.00

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